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PAX Prime 2014

W-PAX Prime WikiaPicks 500x142.jpg PAX Prime is one of the biggest events of the year for gamers, and Wikia is there! Check out the new game reveals, trailers, and of course the awesome cosplay pics over on our PAX hub!

In addition to new PAX trailers and news, we're also doing the *clears throat* Qwizards Superfan Trivia Dungeon Adventure Quest of Doom! Take the quiz and you'll be automatically entered to win a copy of The Walking Dead issue #1 signed by writer/creator Robert Krikman!

Top Wikia Video Games Communities

Rank WAM Score Name
1. 99.77 Elder Scrolls
2. 99.76 RuneScape Wiki
3. 99.76 League of Legends Wiki
4. 99.73 WARFRAME Wiki
5. 99.73 Clash of Clans Wiki

League of Lore?

League of Legends is rebooting their lore. Are you interested in the story of competitive games?

The poll was created at 18:29 on September 6, 2014, and so far 101 people voted.

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