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PAX Prime 2014

W-PAX Prime WikiaPicks 500x142.jpg PAX Prime is one of the biggest events of the year for gamers, and Wikia is there! Check out the new game reveals, trailers, and of course the awesome cosplay pics over on our PAX hub!

In addition to new PAX trailers and news, we're also doing the *clears throat* Qwizards Superfan Trivia Dungeon Adventure Quest of Doom! Take the quiz and you'll be automatically entered to win a copy of The Walking Dead issue #1 signed by writer/creator Robert Krikman!

Top Wikia Video Games Communities

Rank WAM Score Name
1. 99.81 Elder Scrolls
2. 99.76 RuneScape Wiki
3. 99.74 League of Legends Wiki
4. 99.74 Clash of Clans Wiki
5. 99.73 WARFRAME Wiki

Minecraft Money

Mojang just sold Minecraft to Microsoft for an astounding $2.5 billion! Will this be good or bad for fans?

The poll was created at 20:32 on September 16, 2014, and so far 166 people voted.

From the Community

  • My first contact with the Civilization franchise was in the lower elementary school. Our teacher would put a transparency full of text on the overhead projector and then disappear behind the computer on his desk for the rest of the lecture. During the recess we sneaked to see what was so interesting...
  • Bungie has announced upcoming events for Destiny. Bungie has confirmed that the game will continue to expand well after it's launch, with new content and challenges for players. Players can experience Daily Story Missions and Weekly Strike Missions for rewards, along with these new upcoming events, some for only a limited time.
  • Whose fancy pad won this week's WildStar Wikia award? Check out the blog post and find out!
  • Xbox One and PS4 owners will get their GTA V soon, but looks like we still might be waiting until next year for a PC release.
  • I’m one of Mistwalker’s faithful community minions, and I’m here with our fearless leader, the notoriously mustachioed Hironobu Sakaguchi (or as our friends on Twitter call him “The Gooch”). We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our fans and welcome them to the official Terra Battle Wikia!
  • It's no secret that there are a lot of people disappointed with Destiny, and that the game has a few problems. I personally think it is one of the greatest games ever, but it is not without room for improvement. Thankfully because of the online format of the game they can improve upon what is there, add new things, and fix problems... I am going to be compiling a list here of improvements the game could have, and I will be posting it on the forums of Bungie's official site.
  • Contribute to the community consensus by answering the below series of polls about Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor! The results will be featured in an upcoming Instant Expert feature centered on the game, which we'll be posting on Monday, September 22nd. Feel free to go into detail about your responses in the comments, as well!
  • With your weekly Pokémon news reporter, Ellis99. This week, news on Pokken, a new episode and confirmation on new moves for Kyogre and Groudon.